How does the Supervisor or the Senior Rater handle doing a SRPE on a person who is deployed during the rating period. Does a SRPE still get done on this person?

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Yes a SRPE is still required for a deployed employee. The SRPE is automated and available to the Rater, Senior Rater and Employee within CAMP/CAPPMIS. The Rater and Senior Rater of the deployed employee can still complete a SRPE as long as they meet the 90/120 rule. The deployed employee must be under under the designated Rater and Senior Rater a minimum of 90 days, and occupy the Acquisition position a minimum of 120 days. The Supervisor (Rater) or Senior Rater identified on the employee’s IDP can change to the appropriate Senior Rater. The AAW member will be disadvantaged if a SRPE is not completed on him/her and may affect their eligibility for future boards requiring SRPE.