What happens to my application for a DAU Resident (Classroom) course when I submit it through AITAS?

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You, the employee, will automatically receive an email notifying you that your application was sent to your supervisor. Additionally, the supervisor will receive an email with instructions and a process review code so they can approve/disapprove the application request. Once the supervisor either approves or disapproves the application, the employee will receive another automated email informing them of the action taken by the supervisor. If the application is approved by the supervisor, an automated email is sent to the Army USAASC Course Manager who will process the application. When the application is processed, both the employee and supervisor will receive an email containing one of the following:

1) a reservation has been given for the course, or
2) a notice that the employee has been placed on a wait list, or
3) a denial with an explanation. The supervisor and employee will receive re-occurring reminder emails from ATRRS AITAS if there is a course application pending the supervisor’s approval.

Please ensure you entered the correct supervisor email address and prompt your supervisor to take action to either approve or disapprove your application.