What does a “wait” status in a DAU course mean?

By June 12, 2019
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Each branch of the service is allotted a certain number of seats in each DAU course. You will be waitlisted (not given a reservation) if you are Priority 1 and all Army spaces are full. If you are placed on a wait, you will have an opportunity to convert from a wait to a reservation when USAASC receives a cancellation request. A reservation will be granted to the next “wait” list individual by the order of student training priority and date application approved by the course manager. If you are a Priority 2 to 5 training priority student applying to a class with available seats and quotas, you will be placed on a wait list. Army places lower priority students in a wait status to allow priority 1 applicant’s preference in obtaining a seat. If there are still seats available 40 to 65 days prior to the start date of the class then the lower priority students in waits will convert into a reservation and notified via email. Priority 2 waits will convert to a reservation 65 days prior to the start date of the class and Priority 3 to 5 waits will convert to a reservation 40 days prior to the start date of the class. Lower priority students with a reservation are subject to being bumped for a higher priority student NLT 1 week prior to reservation cutoff or start date of class, whichever is earlier.