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FORT BELVOIR, Va. (Sept. 10, 2020)—The U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center congratulates the Soldiers listed below for their selection into the 51C military occupational specialty (MOS)—contracting noncommissioned officer (NCO).

51C NCOs have the vital job of not only providing procurement support for anything a unit might need but also serving the commander as a business adviser—ensuring Soldiers get what’s needed on time to support the mission.

Candidates selected for reclassification learn a new craft and gain valuable transferable skills through the training, education and professional development aspects of the MOS. The accession process is competitive but rewarding: Applicants must be at the rank of sergeant or staff sergeant with less than 10 years of service. Those with 10 to 12 years of service may request waivers. The NCO contracting corps offers a promising career path and the opportunity to serve in a variety of locations.

The next 51C NCO Reclassification panel is scheduled to convene January 25–29, 2021. For instructions on how to submit a packet and for more information about 51C reclassification programs, go to https:/asc.army.mil/web/career-development/military-nco/field51/.

Staff Sgt. Madeliene R. Biltz
Staff Sgt. Christopher J. Chase
Staff Sgt. Robert M. Cordell
Staff Sgt. Jason M. David
Staff Sgt. Shanaye S. Davis
Staff Sgt. Vladislav M. Dobin
Staff Sgt. Tyler C. Eissler
Staff Sgt. Adam J. Harwood
Staff Sgt. Susette Lujardolahera
Staff Sgt. Billeto R. McGee
Staff Sgt. Andrew L. Parmelee
Staff Sgt. Douglass R. Staub
Staff Sgt. Jason M. Taylor
Sgt. Inez B. Acosta
Sgt. Grant C. Boyd
Sgt. Kouakou B. Kouadio
Sgt. Steven Leeper
Sgt. Summer L. McMahon
Sgt. Abhiram Palivela
Sgt. Matthew E. Troyer

Staff Sgt. Bradley A. Jones
Staff Sgt. Kelli M. Kelley


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