Acquisition “Sound Bite” Videos Simplify Contracting Concepts

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by Ellen Summey

Acquisition is a notoriously complex beast. Enter Dennis Longo, the advocate for competition, task and delivery order ombudsman and senior procurement analyst for Army Contracting Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Longo, who developed the Competition in Army Contracting course for the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Procurement, has been teaching courses on competition in contracting since 2004. Longo knows his stuff and he’s here to provide clarity through tried and true techniques—food analogies.

In the summer 2020 edition of Army AL&T magazine, he wrote about bridge contacts (“Avoid Bridges to Nowhere”) and how, when used improperly, bridge contracts may not offer the best value to the government. To help digest the information, consider starting with antipasto. No, really. Sample Longo’s video about the similarities between the traditional Italian appetizer plate and the common bridge action. When you’re ready for the main course, it’s hot and ready. You’ll also learn how a justification and authorization form is like a pizza. Longo spills the secret recipe, so take notes!

Watch the J&A video at:

Watch the bridge action video at:



Read the full article in the Summer 2020 issue of Army AL&T magazine.

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