Army selects acquisition product and project directors

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By Tara Clements and Jack Kendall

FORT BELVOIR, Va. – Nineteen candidates from the Army Acquisition Corps were selected from the fiscal year 2016 product and project director centralized selection boards held Jan. 14 and Feb. 3, 2016, at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

This was the second year for a product director centralized selection board and the first year for the project director centralized selection board.

A talent management board of directors met Feb. 24 to approve the positions for the newly-selected product and project directors. Lt. Gen. Michael E. Williamson, Army director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM), presided over the board consisting of Craig A. Spisak, deputy Army DACM, and the 12 program executive officers and deputy program officers.

The board approved 13 product director positions and two project director positions to be filled this summer.

The civilian-only centrally selected product and project director board is one of Williamson’s major talent management initiatives, providing an opportunity to select high-performing civilians with leadership potential.

“My goal is to create a pool of the right people with the right skills for the right jobs,” said Williamson in a video highlighting what talent management means to the Army acquisition workforce.

The standard tenure for these acquisition product and project directors is three years. The Army DACM Office, in coordination with the program executive offices, will centrally manage the positions.

This is the Army DACM’s benchmark effort to provide additional development and growth opportunities for high-performing civilians, while building a larger talent pool for future senior leader requirements.

The next product director centralized selection board is tentatively scheduled for October. Additional information regarding the product director policy is available on the Army DACM website.

FY16 Product Director Assignment/Slate

  • Cathy Atherton, product director, Aviation Logistics, PEO Enterprise Information Systems, Redstone, Alabama
  • Alvin Bing III, product director, Medium Tactical Vehicle, PEO Combat Support & Combat Service Support, Warren, Michigan
  • Regina Bublitz, product director, UH-72A Lakota, PEO Aviation, Redstone, Alabama
  • Raymond Folden, product director, Contingency Base Infrastructure, Electronic Mission Aircraft, PEO Combat Support & Combat Service Support, Warren, Michigan
  • John Geddes, product director, Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radio, PEO Command Control Communications-Tactical, Aberdeen, Maryland
  • Edward Gozdur, product director, Common Systems Integration, PEO Aviation, Redstone, Alabama
  • John McFassel, product director, Demilitarization, PEO Soldier, Picatinny, New Jersey
  • William Papich, Apache Sensors, PEO Aviation, Redstone, Alabama
  • Kim Reid, product director, Strategic Mission Command, PEO Command Control Communications-Tactical, Aberdeen, Maryland
  • Stephen Roberts, Field Artillery Launchers, PEO Missiles & Space, Redstone, Alabama
  • Thomas Svisco, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle-Test, PEO Combat Support & Combat Service Support, Warren, Michigan
  • Oral Walker, product director, Test, Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment, PEO Combat Support & Combat Service Support, Redstone, Alabama
  • Michael Willoughby, product director, Digitized Training, PEO Simulation, Training & Instrumentation, Orlando, Florida
  • Jimmy Downs, Deferred (FY17 CSL PM)
  • Daniel Kitts, Deferred (SSC-Eisenhower)
  • Steven Rienstra, Deferred (FY17 CSL PM)


  • Christopher Addison, PEO IEW&S
  • Bernard Goodly, RDECOM
  • Timothy Hale, ASA (ALT)
  • Richard Kendig, PEO AVN
  • Devin Lyders, PEO STRI
  • Noel Lyn-Kew, SSC EISENHOWER
  • Kathleen Lytle, PEO CS&CSS
  • Diane McCarthy, TARDEC
  • Michael McGarvey, PEO EIS
  • Craig Riedel, PEO CS&CSS
  • Carl Roller, PEO AMMO
  • Mark Rooney, PEO CS&CSS
  • Michael Sawyers, PEO CS&CSS
  • Anthony Sclafani, SSC EISENHOWER
  • Chad Stocker, PEO GCS

FY16 Project Director Assignment/Slate

  • John Howell, project director, Soldier Systems Integration, PEO Soldier, Fort Belvoir, Virginia
  • Thomas Neff, project director, Enterprise Services, PEO Enterprise Information Systems, Fort Belvoir, Virginia
  • Brian Raftery, Deferred (FY16 CSL PM)


  • Brendan Burke, PEO EIS
  • Michael Receniello, PEO GCS