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By October 31, 2018Career Development
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Career management support to the Army Acquisition Workforce

By Wen Lin, Chief Qualifications and Support Branch, Army DACM Office

Let’s talk about all those burning questions you have. Ever wonder the best way to get them answered or where to go? Here’s a rundown on the hierarchy of resources for you to stay on top of your Army acquisition career.

Research. That’s right, do a little research regarding your acquisition career. The Army DACM Office has a new and improved DACM homepage, which was designed to make finding your acquisition career answers a breeze. Not only is the website organized with you in mind, but it’s brimming with resources, including frequently asked questions, acquisition career maps and development opportunities.

Talk to your supervisor. Your supervisor is there to help you develop a meaningful individual development plan focused on your acquisition career goals and achievement of your required acquisition position DAWIA certification level. In addition, your supervisor can advise you on professional and rotational or developmental opportunities throughout your acquisition career trajectory.

Talk to your organizational acquisition point of contact (OAP). OAPs are trained professionals within your command or organization who can assist you with acquisition career-related questions and provide the latest Army DACM Office portfolio of acquisition career and leader development opportunities. “Yes, but who is my OAP?” To find out, see the OAP Listing. OAPs are listed by organization and location.

Ask the DACM Office. Within the Army DACM Office are expert acquisition career managers who are ready to help answer those really tough questions. These acquisition career experts are also available to your supervisor and your OAP. If you have a specific question that your OAP or supervisor cannot address, create a help request in CAPPMIS. Select the appropriate subject topic on the ticket, be specific, and attach supporting documentation and screenshots if applicable.

It’s that easy! Use these resources and take control of your acquisition career. You are your own best advocate.

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