Field artillery launchers get new leadership

By June 22, 2016Events
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By Heather Davidson, PFRMS Project Office Public Affairs

The Field Artillery Launchers Product Office of the Precision Fires Rocket and Missile Systems Project Office has conducted a change of charter at Bob Jones Auditorium.

“Today one of the most dynamic and successful product management offices in the Army is saying goodbye to their current leader, Lt. Col. Bryan Salyers, and welcoming a new leader, Stephen Roberts,” Col. James Mills, PFRMS project manager, said.

The responsibilities of the product director include coordinating with Field Artillery Launchers stakeholders to ensure a system-of-systems engineering approach necessary for seamless interoperability across the Army and Joint enterprises. In addition, the product manager actively manages all lifecycle aspects of the program within approved cost, performance, and schedule baselines to ensure fully supportable systems and capabilities which meet reliability, availability and maintainability requirements.

“When you look at the product manager Field Artillery Launcher’s accomplishments over the last three years, it’s apparent that Bryan and his team have contributed immensely to the success of PEO Missiles and Space as well as made significant strides, to ensure the portfolio of MLRS field artillery launchers are ready and capable to provide superior fire support to our Soldiers, Marines and allies into the next decade,” Mills said.

Salyers led several important efforts during his tenure, including completing tests of the Improved Armored Cab for the Multiple Launch Rocket System M270A1 launcher. The upgrades provide significant improved crew protection for the Soldiers who use the heavy launcher making the system more survivable in combat.

“Bryan and his team of professionals accomplished this during a period of very tight fiscal constraints,” Mills said, adding the FAL team accomplished much with the limited funding available. “This is a testament to the management skill of him and his dedicated team.”

After saying goodbye to the outgoing product manager, Mills welcomed Roberts.

“FAL is gaining a truly great leader in Roberts. I’ve heard nothing but great things about him and his abilities,” Mills said. “Stephen has a first class reputation as a deputy product manager at the Missile Defense Agency as well as previous experience in PEO Missiles and Space.”

The change of charter was followed by a retirement ceremony in honor of Salyers after 22 years of service. Salyers thanked his family who were in the audience for their unyielding support over his career as well as showed appreciation for his teammates within the project office. Salyers said he was grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented group while serving his country and helping to protect Soldiers on the battlefield.