Fill In Those Blanks

By January 27, 2017April 13th, 2021Career Development, DACM News
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By Sue Follett

FORT BELVOIR, Va.—Setting up your calendar for 2017? Take a few minutes to read the latest issue of the DACM Newsletter and find out the most effective ways to fill in all that white space: courses and developmental opportunities designed to help you do your job more effectively.

Posted today, the newsletter outlines IDEAL, a pilot program for leader development for GS-12s and GS-13s. It also provides dates and information on upcoming sessions of the DACM’s most popular programs, including AALPC and DAU-SSCF. Maybe you don’t see a training program that fits exactly what your organization needs? Consider DAWDF—a program that provides funding for programs that improve certification rates, develop functional skills, and increase acquisition core competencies. Information on the next funding call is on p.1.

Designed to provide maximum information for a small investment of your time, the newsletter also includes tips on making sure you’re putting your best foot forward at upcoming PD/PM boards, a rundown of improvements to the IDP dashboard and the latest appointees to Training With Industry and the CDG/AAF program. The last page features links to a handful of important websites and social media platforms—one more way to access vital information for keeping your career development on schedule.

Go to to read the current issue.