New professional development guidelines out for contracting NCOs

By September 23, 2015October 14th, 2020Career Development
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By Tara Clements

FORT BELVOIR, Va. (Sept. 23, 2015) – New professional development guidelines for noncommissioned officers (NCOs) who specialize in Army contracting are outlined in the revised version of the U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Guide, released earlier this month.

“This is the first major revision in the last couple of years and something everyone in our community should be aware of,” said Master Sgt. Eric Sears, chief proponent NCO for the Army contracting community, or Military Occupational Specialty 51C.

More than 500 pages outline career development guidelines for all Army NCOs—from staff sergeants through master sergeants—in DA PAM 600-25, published Sept. 11. But for anyone in the Army acquisition, logistics and technology field, chapter 21 on page 292 is the place to look.

The chapter outlines the career progression plan for contracting NCOs—everything from operational assignments, self-development plans, additional training, reading and educational resources and special assignments for 51C NCOs to consider and work toward. The self-development section encourages Army professionals to take charge of their careers—and the office responsible for providing acquisition career development tools and resources is working to make it easy access.

“My goal is to create a pool of the right people with the right skills for the right jobs,” said Lt. Gen. Michael E. Williamson, Army director of acquisition career management (DACM), in a video addressing talent management in the Army acquisition community. “Successful talent management requires both leader and individual accountability,” he added.

The Army DACM Office has developed webpages outlining education and training opportunities for military and civilian members of the Army Acquisition Workforce, as well as a dedicated site for 51C career management.