The basics of applying for DAU training

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By Wen Lin and Susan Clark

Even in the face of mission needs—where there is never a “good time” to unplug for training— as members of the AAW we have a statutory requirement to fulfill. Mandatory training may feel like an obligation, but Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) certification is a mission-critical activity that helps each workforce member get better at their job.

The FY19 Defense Acquisition University (DAU) schedule is available for students to apply for classes. Keep applying for those available seats in the FY18 courses while they’re still open!

Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Confirm training requirements for your career field.
  • Check catalog course requirements.
  1. Check student and supervisor email addresses in AITAS (this is a common stall for applications). To check this information, go to and click on “Update Profile” to view and edit your student profile.
  2. Request training through AITAS. Remember to plan ahead and apply early to get the class and time you want.
  3. Supervisors approve in AITAS. Approve requests as soon as possible since many classes are characterized by high demand and low supply.
  4. Army DACM Office approves training. When applying for a classroom offering, students should select the most cost-effective locations, noted by the “C.” For FY18 and FY19, priority 1 and 2 students applying to a cost-effective location will be authorized to receive central funding for any travel and per diem required to attend a DAU resident course. For more details, please view the DA DAU training policy and procedures.
  5. Cancel responsibly. Consult the DAU policy if you must cancel a class you’re registered for. Certification is the combination of training, education and experience, and training is the first step. For more information, go to

Did you know?? Students are assigned a priority for classes based on several factors.

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