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Latest Magazine Articles

Bringing Intel to Contracting

| Army ALT Magazine, Contracting | No Comments

Intelligence collection isn’t just for battle planning. It also has demonstrated its value in contracting with information on vendors, insider threats, and fraud, waste and abuse. by Russell Parman During…

Need to know: An Army acquisition budget FAQ

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

by Army AL&T and DASA PPR Staff  Q: What are the key characteristics of a sound justification document? A: A sound justification document clearly explains the source of the requirement,…

No Mysteries, Please

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

Budgeting for Army acquisition programs is both art and science, in which clarity and consistency set the tone for success. by Margaret C. Roth and Mary Kate Aylward If every…

Funding Kickstart

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

A new rapid prototyping program supercharges Army capabilities. by Vanessa Pittman and Brandon Little-Darku In late 2016, the secretary of the Army approved the first project for the newly formed…

From the DACM: Lining Up Your Goals

| Army ALT Magazine, Career Development | No Comments

    FROM THE DIRECTOR OF ACQUISITION CAREER MANAGEMENT CRAIG A. SPISAK Lining Up Your Goals Syncing up DAWDF funding and Human Capital Strategic Plan objectives will lead to an…

Profile: Program Executive Office for Command, Control and Communications – Tactical (PEO C3T)

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

PEO C3T is all about how Soldiers communicate—the satellite terminals that send internet and phone signals to the command post, radios, the network that Soldiers connect to in the field,…

From the AAE: Building the Army Acquisition Team

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine, Talent Management | No Comments

    FROM THE ARMY ACQUISITION EXECUTIVE BRUCE D. JETTE Building the army acquisition team Materiel isn’t the only thing in need of modernizing. The acquisition enterprise is taking a…


| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

When supplying partner nations through FMS, the best possible equipment may not always be the best possible solution. by Benjamin Posil Providing the best (i.e., most capable) equipment is not…

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New Army AL&T magazine explores acquisition team building

| Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

By Michael Bold FORT BELVOIR, Va. (April 24, 2019)—“Building the Acquisition Team”—creating the best possible workforce to supply our warfighters with the best possible capabilities—is the theme of the Spring…

The need for speed

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

DOD is fusing new authorities to upend a moribund acquisition status quo. by Col. Joel D. Babbitt and Dr. Donald Schlomer The case for change in peacetime has rarely been…

The Making of a Packard

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

Rapid acquisition of electronic warfare capabilities served an urgent need, and in the process set an award-winning example of phased prototyping, experimentation and fielding with creative resourcing. by Nancy Jones-Bonbrest,…

AcqDemo’s CAS2Net 2.0 almost didn’t happen  

| Army ALT Magazine, Career Development | No Comments

The CAS2Net 2.0 upgrade took 20 years, but it got a brain transplant for its 20th anniversary.  by Steve Stark The AcqDemo Program Office’s rollout of CAS2Net 2.0 may not…

A systematic approach

| Army ALT Magazine, Events | No Comments

A collaborative approach to systems biology may hold the key to breakthroughs from pain management and treatment of chronic eye injury to precision medicine—and wise use of funding. by Dr….

Earning his acquisition wings

| Army ALT Magazine, Faces of the Force | No Comments

Maj. Daniel Brown COMMAND/ORGANIZATION: Aircraft Survivability Equipment Testing Division, Aviation Flight Test Directorate, U.S. Army Redstone Test Center, U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command TITLE: Experimental test pilot and division…

Technically speaking: Footprints in the data

| Army ALT Magazine, Science and Technology | No Comments

Step inside the least understood of the warfighting domains, cyber, where digital detectives analyze data to solve crime, and similar tools and techniques are used to defend against cyberattacks. by…

THEN & NOW: Next generation on track

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

    THEN & NOW 1981 and 2018 Next generation on track Bradley replacement promises to take a technological leap into the future fight. By Margaret C. Roth and Jacqueline…