USAASC announces contracting NCO reclassification board results

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51C reclassification board results reclassification board results
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Fort Belvoir, Va. (June 5, 2013) – Forty-nine candidates were selected for reclassification during the 51C Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) reclassification board here May 14-15.

The board was administered by the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) 51C Proponent Office.

“This was an impressive group of candidates and the competition was tough,” said Lt. Col. Anthony Maneri, FA 51C Proponent Officer. The 49 selected NCOs represent the best of the best and we welcome them into the Army acquisition workforce.”

The board’s purpose is to ensure the best qualified NCOs are selected for reclassification into Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 51C (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Contracting NCO)—a part of the Army acquisition, logistics and technology workforce.

“We were impressed by the quality of the packets we received for the May board, said Master Sgt. Jason Pitts, Chief 51C Proponent NCO. “The word has spread that we only select best quality NCOs to enter the Acquisition Corps—in order to be selected, you need to be a proven leader with a solid foundation of civilian education; a total Soldier.”

The primary mission for 51C NCOs is to deploy as contingency contracting officers and serve as members of the early entry module contingency contracting team. When not deployed, selected NCOs will serve as contingency contracting officers in support of a headquarters, principal assistant responsible for contracting, contracting support brigades, contingency contracting battalions, and/or installation contracting offices for training and mission support.

The 51C Proponent Office at USAASC would like to congratulate the following NCOs:

Staff Sgt. Corey L. Anderson Sgt.(P) Alejandro Moreno
Staff Sgt. Dan E. Bayan Staff Sgt. Tri B. Nguyen
Staff Sgt. Jennifer L. Becker Staff Sgt. Kassandra N. Oldacre
Staff Sgt. Jason W. Bufkin Staff Sgt. Thomas B. Parks
Staff Sgt. Christopher C. Carbin Staff Sgt. Anthony K. Pylant
Staff Sgt. Anuresh A. Chand Staff Sgt. Payten E. Redfearn
Staff Sgt. Charles A. Cryoskie Staff Sgt. Patrick F. Reil
Staff Sgt. Charles A. Desouza Staff Sgt. Tyler B. Sane
Staff Sgt. Matthew S. Dickson Staff Sgt. Justin P. Sawicki
Staff Sgt. Richard T. Dybdahl Staff Sgt. Brandon F. Searles
Staff Sgt. Justin M. Fortado Staff Sgt. Jason D. Shettles
Staff Sgt. Jennifer E. Franks Staff Sgt. Emilio G. Silvafigueroa
Staff Sgt. Jennings B. Herbst Staff Sgt. Nathaniel J. Stone
Staff Sgt. Ryan D. Hoover Staff Sgt. Adela Tacla
Staff Sgt. Ryan D. Johnson Staff Sgt. Kyle G. Tate
Staff Sgt.(P) Raina J. Jones Staff Sgt. Jerri A. Taylor
Staff Sgt.(P) Ralph M. Jones Staff Sgt. Princessunique Thomas
Staff Sgt. Patrick V. Kennison Staff Sgt. Charlee R. Thousand
Staff Sgt.(P) Vincent M. LaHara Staff Sgt. John R. Tigue
Staff Sgt. Mark D. Laity Staff Sgt.(P) Scott W. Voigt
Staff Sgt. Ray Lee Jr. Staff Sgt. Daniel W. Wagner
Staff Sgt. Bunnie K. Martinez Staff Sgt. (P) Daniel M. Wilson
Staff Sgt. Raul Medina Staff Sgt. Mark C. Wirtz
Staff Sgt. Thomas E. Misner Staff Sgt. Lymari Woodson
Staff Sgt. Ikaisherron D. Wright

There is one remaining reclassification board for this fiscal year scheduled for July 30-31. The deadline for packet submission is July 19.

For more information on MOS 51C reclassification, visit

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