What is the chartering process?

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The Army Acquisition Executive (AAE), with the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) as the executive agent, prepares charters for all Program Executive Officers (PEOs) and centrally selected Project/Product Managers (PMs).

Charters are created under the following circumstances:
The AAE approves establishment of a new Program Management Office (PMO).
A new PEO is appointed.
A new PM is centrally selected.

Charters will only be issued to Acting PEOs when directed by ASA(ALT). We do not issue charters to acting PMs.

All Charters have a standard format. Tailoring of the Charter will be reflected in the PEO’s or PM/PdM’s name, the program title, and the signature block of the PEO. The Army and U.S. Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) seals will be universally applied to charters with the exception of those for Joint PEOs. The basic text will remain uniform for all charters, reflecting the source of authority granted to a PEO or PM, and basic responsibilities.

It is the responsibility of the recipient organization to request Charters from the Army Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM) office at least one month prior to the incumbent’s report date. At a minimum, Charter package submissions will include a Charter Request Form and a Tenure and Program Management Agreement (T&PMA). If the incoming PM/PdM has not completed all mandatory training prior to his report date, a Position Requirements Waiver (DD2905) must also be submitted. Sample documents can be found here :
Charter Request Form

Charter packages will not be staffed until ALL documents, in final form, have been received. Charter packages take, on average, three weeks to process. If the signed Charter documents are not received in time for the Change of Charter ceremony, the gaining organization may prepare a mock Charter for ceremonial purposes; DACM office will provide a template for the mock Charter upon request.