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If you are an Army Acquisition Workforce professional, you now have access to Udemy.
The Army Modernization Strategy identifies digital transformation as essential to modernizing the Army. Digital transformation represents a shift in operations and culture that fundamentally changes how the Army delivers value through investments. One way the Army Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM) Office is supporting this initiative is by offering all Army Acquisition Workforce professionals access to Udemy.

Not sure what to take? To begin your journey of digital transformation, you’re encouraged to take the “Digital Transformation 2023 – Masterclass” foundations course. This masterclass takes you through the basics of digital transformation, including defining digital transformation, exploring the digital transformation framework, and topics centering around various digital technologies and design thinking.

If you need help on how to get started in Udemy, watch the Udemy for Everyone Tutorial in the Army Acquisition Workforce Resources section on milSuite.

The courses in Udemy can be counted as Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) via CAPPMIS.
They also can be used in tandem with other virtual or live training to achieve individual development goals.
Need more convenience? There’s an app for Udemy! You’ll have 24/7 access to on-demand learning on your tablet or smartphone. You can watch courses when and where you want by downloading the app for iOS or Android.

You will find information about digital transformation, the role of the Army Acquisition Workforce within the Army’s digital transformation, Udemy and digital transformational FAQs to help you understand how the Army acquisition will become the digital workforce of the future in the Army Acquisition Workforce Resources section on milSuite.

As an acquisition professional, you should have received an email from Udemy by now, containing a Udemy registration and activation link. If you haven’t received an email invitation from Udemy, please submit a WMI ticket for additional assistance. If you are having other issues, utilize the Udemy Help Desk or contact Udemy Support. Once your Udemy account is active, with the press of a purple “Enroll Now” button, self-enrollment makes it easy to add courses to your learning lineup.


The Army DACM Office has coordinated an in-person, weeklong, Digital Data Leaders (DDL) course at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for general officer/Senior Executive Service, Col./GS-15 and Lt. Col./GS-14 leaders of leaders. The course assists Army leadership in the development of a robust enterprise data management capability to improve decision-making to better support the mission of the U.S Army. The course includes topics such as data management, data science, decision making, emerging technology, change management, data privacy and security. Attendees will earn a certificate in Data Driven Leadership and 40 Continuous Learning Points. The DACM Office has heard nothing but high praise for this leadership course! The Army DACM, Rob Richardson, participated in the course and said it was “one of the best senior leaders courses I’ve ever attended.”

There are still seats remaining in the following classes*:

Class 009: 17-21 April
Class 011: 12-16 June
Class 012: 7-11 August
Class 013: 21-25 August
Class 014: 11-15 September
Class 015: 25-29 September

*Class 010 is full

Registration for CMU DDL is managed via the Army Internet Training Application System (AITAS) at https://www.atrrs.army.mil/Aitas. AITAS is a CAC-only system. You must use a CAC-enabled computer to access the application. If you do not have an existing AITAS user profile, you will be prompted to create one.

After your AITAS user profile has been created, or updated, you will register for the class by navigating to My Career -> Search for Training. In the search box, type CMU, click on CMU DDL – Digital Data Leader and then click on “find available classes.” You will then click on “show classes” and click on the “apply” button for the class you want to attend. You will receive automated emails from AITAS as your application moves through the registration process.

Applications will be prioritized by rank/grade as follows:

GO/SES = Priority 1
COL/GS-15 = Priority 2
LTC/GS-14 = Priority 3

Applicants may see a lower priority on their application when they apply; however, priority levels will be reviewed and updated when the application is processed.

Each class has a maximum capacity of 35 students. It is possible that a lower priority student could be bumped up to one week before the class start date if the seat is needed for a higher priority student. Classes showing with “available seats” does not guarantee that you will receive a reservation. Seats are allocated by rank/grade and some seats are reserved for a specific group of students.

Applicants who receive a confirmed reservation will receive course information from Carnegie Mellon University instructors approximately one week before their class start date.

Please contact Susan Clark at susan.e.clark.civ@army.mil if you have questions about the registration process.






NOW OPEN – Now through April 20, applications are being accepted for opportunities to both the fiscal year 2024/25 Army Acquisition Centralized Selection Boards (CSB) and the fiscal year 2025 Centralized Selection List (CSL) positions. New this year: the Army Acquisition Professional Development System (AAPDS) now enables those who are interested and eligible to “opt-in” to CSB/CSL opportunities using a single portal and one application packet.

The purpose of the centralized selection process is to identify a pool of high performing and high potential civilian acquisition professionals to lead and manage acquisition programs to meet the mission and vision of the Army acquisition enterprise. Best-qualified individuals will be selected for specifically identified acquisition command and acquisition positions.

For additional CSB details, visit https://asc.army.mil/web/career-development/prod-dir

or contact Kelly L. Terry at kelly.l.terry2.civ@army.mil.

For additional CSL details, visit https://asc.army.mil/web/centralized-selection-list

or contact Adam Polite at adam.b.polite.civ@army.mil.


The fiscal year 2024 Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP), Cohort 18, is open for applications. The program develops emerging leaders in grades GS-07 through GS-12 and equivalent broadband levels. Participants take part in reflection exercises, leadership assessments, mentoring, coaching, team and individual presentations and much more! Cohort 18 is the fiscal year 2024 cohort for members of the DOD acquisition workforce and will provide excellent opportunities for participants to network with other emerging acquisition leaders from across DOD. The application period closes on May 10. Learn more about DCELP at https://asc.army.mil/web/career-development/programs/dcelp. ​


SETM and ETM are civilian leader talent management programs for GS-12 through GS-15 and equivalent employees. Administered by the Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA) Army Civilian Career Management Activity (ACCMA), SETM/ETM prepares participants for positions of greater responsibility in the Department of Army through advanced senior-level educational and experiential learning opportunities.  SETM/ETM consists of eight modules, and applicants may apply for one or more modules for which they are qualified.

Selection for SETM/ETM modules is linked to an applicant’s past and present duty performance, potential for leadership and career progression and the needs of the Army. Commanders, supervisors, general officers/Senior Executive Servicemembers and human resource directors at all levels should support the SETM/ETM application of candidates who represent the “best of the best”: high-performing senior civilian leaders with outstanding potential for assignment to positions of greater responsibility and impact across the Army.

To apply for these great opportunities, Army civilians can log into the ACCMA talent development application portal at https://civilians.army.mil/TalentDev. The SETM/ETM application cycle is open through May 15.

Instructions on how to apply are available on the portal. Applications submitted in the SETM portal will generate an email to the first-line supervisor and first general/flag officer or SES in the chain of command for endorsements. The DACM Office is only a SETM/ETM liaison for the Army Acquisition Workforce and must coordinate with their commands and the ACCMA talent development portal to apply to SETM or ETM.

Applicant and rater/endorser must submit complete applications May 15.

More details about SETM and ETM are available on






Army Acquisition Workforce members can edit select portions of their Acquisition Career Record Brief (ACRB).

Log into your CAMP/CAPPMIS account with your CAC credential on https://apps.asc.army.mil/camp and then

  • Select the “ACRB” application
  • Select the “edit ACRB” module

The Acquisition Career Record Brief is a one-page display of your acquisition information. It contains your personal, position, assignment, training, education, awards and certification information. Your ACRB is a tool to help manage your career and should be updated periodically as needed. For those sections for which you cannot edit yourself, please generate a Help Request ticket in CAPPMIS for assistance at https://apps.asc.army.mil/camp/index.cfm?fuseaction=support.helpRequest.

The image below shows what can be manually updated.







Your friendly acquisition career management system is getting a makeover! The Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP), which houses your acquisition career profile and other acquisition career-related records, has received tool upgrades, additions and visual improvements. The next time you log on with your CAC into your CAMP and CAPPMIS (Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System) profile, you’ll notice updates to the system’s overall color schemes to match both the Army and the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) color themes. As you use the new, visually-enhanced CAMP/CAPPMIS and its new navigational and guidance tools, the overall experience should feel easier, smoother and more modern. Take a look and explore the updated CAMP/CAPPMIS on https://apps.asc.army.mil/camp.






 The Army recently released new branding guidelines. The new brand is now available for use across various formats while remaining unified and cohesive. Specifics include how and when to use the new Army brand, the logo’s significance and guidance on U.S. Army communications grounded in the three core elements: clear, confident, and human.

“The U.S. Army brand identity is built to authentically reflect, with every expression, the unique culture and distinguished history of the organization. It reflects the U.S. Army’s optimism, pride and rigorous attention to detail. And it is grounded in simple, durable, no-nonsense design principles that help to ensure it is executed with discipline, consistency and excellence.”

In the meantime, we’ll be working to incorporate this new Army brand into our DACM Office products. More information can be found at https://army.deps.mil/army/cmds/OCPA/PAPortal/Latest%20Guidance%20%20Messaging/Marketing/Rebranding_MAR23/Brand_Guidelines/Brand_Book/US_Army_Guidelines_09FEB_FINAL.pdf.



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