November 2016 Hot Topics

DACM Hot Topics
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On Nov. 1, Phase II of the Army DACM Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE) mandate went into effect across the Army acquisition enterprise for all Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) members who are equivalent in pay to a GS-13 or GS-14. The effective dates remain as Oct. 1, 2015, through Sept. 30, 2016.

The SRPE should not to be confused with your annual performance evaluation. SRPE is used to evaluate the potential of civilian employees in designated grades to perform in positions of increased responsibility; the Total Army Personnel Evaluation System and the various personnel demonstration projects evaluate the quality of performance associated with current duties and contributions to the mission.

Those affected by the SRPE mandate should have received an email on Nov. 1 with a link to the SRPE portal in CAPPMIS that can be used to facilitate compliance with the mandate. The policy advises that within 90 days, all raters and senior raters will be required to complete SRPEs on all identified AAW members.

To further facilitate completion of the SRPE, the Army DACM Office has released several instructional tools that can be accessed at (Click on the CAPPMIS tab, then the SRPE tab to see the following information):

2. SRPE Employee Instructions
3. SRPE Supervisor and Senior Rater Instructions
4. SRPE Senior Rater Comments Guide
5. SRPE Policy
6. SRPE Guidance

For additional guidance regarding the SRPE, please contact Kelly Terry at

Lt. Gen. Michael E. Williamson, Army Director of Acquisition Career Management (DACM), formally launched the AAW 2017-2021 HCSP with a virtual Town Hall on Oct. 20.

The AAW HCSP is a systematic and collaborative process for anticipating workforce capability gaps and providing solutions to recruit, develop, maintain and retain a highly skilled, engaged AAW—program managers, scientists, engineers, information technologists, contracting specialists and other acquisition professionals who are experienced, high-performing and committed to providing world-class capabilities to our Soldiers. In short, this is our way of supporting Army readiness. As a community, we must remain ready to provide the equipment and services that Soldiers need to win across multiple missions, conditions and geographies.

Grounded in the Army values—loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage—as its guiding principles, this plan fosters a collaborative decision-making process based on trust, transparency, accountability, deliberation and ethics. The plan is a reflection of our commitment to the workforce to develop the next generation of leaders and advance the Army acquisition profession.

The HCSP has five goals: communication and collaboration, workforce shaping, employee engagement, professional development and leadership development. The goals are the result of a collaborative process that brought together representatives from across AAW organizations, stakeholders and members. Find out more about the HCSP, including videos and Q&A transcripts from the Town Hall, at


Open now:

Closing Soon:

  • The application window is still open for the FY17 Army Acquisition Civilian Centralized Selection Boards for product directors (GS-14) and project directors (GS-15). The product director application window closes Nov. 10, and the project director window closes Nov. 21. Go to for more information.