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By October 17, 2012October 20th, 2015Career Development
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Education and Training Opportunities

The Army’s Training with Industry (TWI) Program is a one-year work-experience training program designed to take selected officers out of the military environment and expose them to the latest commercial business practices, organizational structures and cultures, technology development processes, and the latest corporate management techniques. The companies that partner with the Army in this training program are developers of innovative, cutting-edge technologies and/or established business leaders in their respective fields. Each TWI has been established for officers to gain program management experience.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as only ten officers a year are selected to participate. For more information on how to apply, visit For information on the Army Acquisition Corps’ policy as well as specific information on each company involved, visit

By reviewing the companies involved, you can see if you may be a fit based on your background and experience. The application deadline for this program is Nov. 9. The convening date is Nov. 12-16 and the program start date will be between June and September 2013.

If you have questions on how to apply or to discuss if this is a good fit for you, please contact your Assignment Officer. For other inquiries, please contact Marti Giella at 703-805-2700, DSN 655-2700, or Scott Greene at 703-805-1229, DSN 655-1229,

The Competitive Development Group–Army Acquisition Fellows announcement is open through Nov. 15 to all eligible personnel in grades GS-12 through GS-13 or broadband/pay equivalent positions who are Level III certified in any career field. The program provides expanded training, leadership, experiential, and other career development opportunities. For more information, visit

Defense Acquisition University Training

Oct. 1, 2012 marked the beginning of FY13, and new FY13 classes are underway at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). Acquisition workforce members who have not met their current Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act position requirements should view FY13 certification requirements at After completing the requirements, apply for certification through the Certification Management System at Certification requirements can change each fiscal year, effective Oct. 1.

Students should continue to apply for available FY13 DAU courses. Planning and applying early will give students a better chance of obtaining a class in the timeframe requested. Encourage your supervisor to approve your training request as soon as you apply. To view the DAU I-catalog, go to and ensure that you meet the prerequisite(s) before applying to a DAU course. A weekly low-fill listing is posted at, affording students the opportunity to attend classes coming up in the next 60 days. Low-fill classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis within that 60-day period.

Applications cannot be processed by the Army registrar’s office until your supervisor has approved the training. Apply through the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) Internet Training Application System (AITAS) at For more information on DAU training, including systematic instructions, training priorities, and frequently asked questions, go to After receiving a confirmed reservation in the requested class, ensure that you attend the class as scheduled. Cancellation requests for a confirmed reservation must be submitted at least 30 calendar days before the class starts or by the reservation cutoff date, whichever is earlier, to avoid a “no show.”

Career Management Questions

Any workforce-related inquires, such as on DAU training, DAU Travel Orders, certification, Individual Development Plans, and Acquisition Career Record Briefs, should be submitted through the Workforce Management Inquiry system within Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP)/Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System, at Once logged into CAMP, click on “Help Request” for assistance. Otherwise, you may open a ticket without logging into CAMP, at

DAU provides a listing of equivalencies, at, for all courses delivered by DAU and/or predecessor courses that are considered acceptable toward meeting current acquisition career field certification requirements. To document equivalencies accepted by DAU that are obtained from non-Army schools, open a help desk ticket at and request that your ACRB be updated to reflect completion of DAU equivalent course(s).

On Sept. 4, the university approved the very first DAU equivalent vendor, Trio Consulting LLC, accredited to teach BCF 211, Acquisition Business Management. Students interested in taking the BCF 211 DAU-equivalent course should apply and contact the vendor directly. Trio instructors can bring the course to your organization to teach the course locally on-site. Contact Trio through its website at

The transition of BCF 211 to BCF 220 and BCF 225 has begun for classes beginning in early January 2013. BCF 211 will be split into two courses: BCF 220 (Web) and BCF 225 (Classroom). Students with reservations in classes starting Jan. 7, 2013 and thereafter will receive notification of the change directly from DAU, along with information on the requirement to complete the prerequisite course, BCF 220, before attending the resident portion, BCF 225. As of Oct. 11, students are no longer able to register for BCF 211; the course will be replaced with BCF 220 and BCF 225. Again, students who need BCF 211 must complete BCF 220 before applying to BCF 225.

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