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By January 13, 2020Army ALT Magazine
Army AL&T Winter 2020
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By Michael Bold

FORT BELVOIR, Va. (Jan. 13, 2020) — Do you understand Army acquisition? It’s not an easy subject to master. But at its essence, it’s all about requirements. “The requirement is what we want to accomplish,” says Dr. Bruce D. Jette, the Army acquisition executive. “It is what drives the acquisition system to give the Army the materiel it needs.” The Winter 2020 issue of Army AL&T magazine attempts to tackle all aspects of Army acquisition, as well as myriad other topics. In this issue:

  • The Army has turned to other-transaction agreements to power its modernization efforts and to focus on products over process, and defense acquisition experts say the plan is working. See “A NEW ERA OF ACQUISITION.”
  • Army contracting has swung from complex to streamlined to provide efficient and rapid acquisition in support of the Soldier. Read about how in “THE CONTRACTING PENDULUM.”
  • In the first of a new series, “ON CONTRACTING,” a look at how market research can be the basis for vigorous competition in Army acquisition, in “HOW TO CONVINCE THE ARMY TO GET WHAT YOU NEED.”
  • The first in another new series examines how the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Command works in water and on land to lay the groundwork for multidomain operations in 2028. See “ENGINEERING THE THEATER.”
  • From prize money to mentorship and collaboration, the xTechSearch competition is growing into something of an incubator for promising new defense and dual-use technologies. Read how in “MORE THAN A COMPETITION.”
  • Software-defined networking could get Army’s data moving faster. Learn how in “REDEFINING THE NETWORK.”

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Winter 2020 Army AL&T

Empowering acquisition
With appropriate authority and the right training, the Army acquisition team can better deliver overmatch capabilities to Soldiers

A new era of acquisition
Experts cautiously optimistic that Army acquisition has a bright future

The acquisition toolkit
An interview with Dr. Bruce D. Jette, the Army acquisition executive

What understanding looks like
Understanding acquisition is hard, depicting how it works is next to impossible

The need for interoperability standards
Aligning IT standards enables seamless command and control across echelons

The contracting pendulum
From short to long and back to short

On contracting: How to convince the Army to get what you need
Market research is the foundation of competition in Army acquisition

Engineering the theater
Army engineers map, model and forecast for the next conflict

International innovation
International technology centers get innovative solutions through foreign partnerships

Faces of the Force: Dr. Genevieve Flock
Working globally, thinking locally

High-performance advantage
Supercomputing for savings and tougher systems

Seamless waveforms
Rapid Innovation Fund enables the military, nontraditional contractors to work together

Rapid networking
PEO C3T’s rapid radio readiness

Sustaining FMS acquisitions
More than equipment is bought in foreign military sales

Faces of the Force: Staff Sgt. Dawit Gebreyesus
Education never depreciates

Solid cornerstone
Cornerstone OTA benefits Soldiers and industry

More than a competition
XTechSearch is growing into a tech incubator

CCDC’s road map to modernizing the Army: Soldier lethality
CCDC Soldier Center sets out to decrease the Soldier’s burden

Innovation through technology
DASA(P), GSA get federal agencies to share solutions to similar acquisition challenges

Redefining the network
Software-defined networking could get Army’s data moving faster

Solution evolution
USAMRDC workshops map technology landscape

Moving acquisition
Transportability engineering gets acquisition underway

The long poles in the acquisition tent
An innovative acquisition approach rapidly delivered encryption devices to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command

The power of the purchase
Category management creates a better buying approach

Investing in the future
New system strengthens Army GPS capabilities

Faces of the Force: Sean Brandt
Taking charge of the narrative

Enemies list
Experts say there are five missteps in requirements that trip up program testing

From the DACM: Speeding up hiring
AAW Recruitment and Sustainment Center of Excellence takes shape

Worth it
Training With Industry expands officers’ knowledge of industry practices

Career Navigator: Apply, learn and conquer
Spend a year working at Ford, Amazon, Intel or other industry leaders

The big ask
Naval Postgraduate School upgrades graduate education for Army acquisition professionals

Faces of the Force: Amy K. Larson
Lead where you land

On the Move

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