November 2018 Hot Topics

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Acquisition Training, Education and Leader Development Opportunities:

The Acquisition Leadership Challenge Program announcement for the second quarter of FY19 will be open in November 2018. Please visit our Army DACM Office website for details on the program and determine how to get enrolled in this life-changing leadership assessment course!

Beginning in January 2019, Defense Acquisition University (DAU) will reduce the duration of ACQ 203, ENG 202 and ENG 302. ACQ 203 and ENG 202 will be reduced to four days each; and ENG 302 will be reduced to nine days. DAU will begin adjusting start dates for approximately 316 offerings, starting with ACQ 203.

Less than 45 days left to apply for the Competitive Development Group/Army Acquisition Fellowship (CDG/AAF) Program! Don’t miss your chance to join the growing number of Army Acquisition Workforce members participating in the CDG/AAF program—a three-year leadership development program offering a series of education, leader development training and broadening assignments. This program is open to GS‐13s, high performing/high potential GS‐12s, or broadband equivalent that are DAWIA certified in their current acquisition position and certified at Level III in at least one acquisition career field. The application window closes Dec. 13. Interested? Click Here:

FY 2019 DOD Industry Exchange Program (IEP)

Army DACM Office Review Board Results

Primary Nominee Michael J. Codega Engineering Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center (RDEC)
Primary Nominee Susan Fung Engineering Communications-Electronics Research Development & Engineering Center
Primary Nominee Jonathan M. Nadig Contracting United States Army Corps of Engineers
Primary Nominee Ryan W. Stacey Contracting Army Contracting Command-Warren
Alternate Nominee Daniel V. Burrhus Lifecycle Logistics U.S. Army Medical Command
Alternate Nominee Eboni K. Crayton Business-Cost Estimating Program Executive Office (PEO) Missiles and Space (Matrixed from Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC))
Alternate Nominee Drexel A. Dodge Engineering PEO Soldier
Alternate Nominee Gregory S. Donahoe Contracting PEO Combat Support & Combat Service Support (CS&CSS)
Alternate Nominee Aarti Gautam Science & Technology U.S. Army Center for Environmental Health Research
Alternate Nominee Michelle L. Kovacs Engineering PEO CS & CSS
Alternate Nominee Joseph Y. Robenson Engineering  AMRDEC
Alternate Nominee Jeremy R. Whittsitt Engineering Natick Soldier RDEC

“Exceptional potential” Senior Rater Potential Evaluations with clear enumeration in a population and explicit recommendations for broadening assignments, training and executive potential commensurate with the DOD IEP. Command endorsements, particularly where a general officer/Senior Executive Service member enumerated the applicant’s standing within the command, added additional magnitude to the strength of an applicant’s file. Combination of the applicant’s resume and Acquisition Career Record Brief provided content to the magnitude of responsibilities and understanding of their experience with supervisory responsibilities, job complexities and job demands for enterprise thinking.

Cornerstone on Demand, DAU’s new online training (OLT) learning management system only sends a transaction (input) to the Army Training Requirements & Resource System when a student starts/launches a course. Simply registering for a class will not reflect a reservation status. Because of this challenge, when the Army DACM Office DAU Course managers are processing a follow-on resident course, students will be inadvertently denied. Students must ensure they are registered and have launched prerequisite OLT at least 48 hours before applying for the follow-on resident training. Students who have OLT as a prerequisite to a DAU resident training course, must plan accordingly.

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