September 2017 Hot topics

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DACM Hot Topics
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September hot topics

Army DACM Office Updates

  • Coming soon to your neck of the woods—Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) Summit: Back to Basics pilot at Aberdeen Proving Ground – North and Aberdeen Proving Ground – South Sept. 6-7. The summit provides an overview of the AAW composition, an understanding of how the Army DACM Office can assist the workforce, and what opportunities, resources and tools are available to help AAW members manage their career development. For questions on the summit or to schedule one at your organization, please email us.
  • Looking for a new challenge? The Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM) / Enterprise Talent Management (ETM) programs prepare Army senior civilians (GS-12/15 or equivalent) to assume positions of greater responsibility across DA and consist of nine modules (previously 13). Successful candidates are those who represent the “best of the best” —high-performing midgrade and senior civilian leaders with outstanding potential for assignment to positions of greater importance, responsibility and effect across our Army. For more information on the newly updated Army directive: Army Directive 2017-13, (effective 1 Aug 2017) “Department of the Army Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM) / Enterprise Talent Management (ETM) Programs.
  • Strengthen that bench of key leaders by being one. The fourth annual Chief Developmental Tester Key Leadership Position (KLP) Joint Qualification Board will be conducted Dec. 5; the Army announcement is open from Aug. 17 – Oct. 15. This opportunity provides applicants with a joint level review of credentials in compliance with the requirements of the Chief Developmental Tester KLP. For additional information, eligibility requirements and how to apply please visit the KLP page.

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